Google Tasks may not be the most feature-filled and useful app right now but it is still being positioned by Google as the “one destination to track what you need to do in G Suite”. And while it’s still pretty basic now, at least they’re updating it with new features to make it easier to use and integrated with the other Google apps you may be using. The latest update to the app allows you to set a date and time for each task and also to import your reminders into the app.

When you create a new task or edit an existing one, you can now add a date and time so that you can receive notifications when it’s due. It will also be automatically added to your Google Calendar. If you haven’t set a time for the task, it will automatically be added to the 9AM local time. You can also make a task repeat either daily, weekly, or monthly.

If you have reminders in your Gmail, Inbox, and Google Assistant, you can also now import them onto Tasks. When you open Tasks on the web or mobile app, you will get a prompt asking if you want to import your reminders. But it’s not a one-time sync though as you will have to do this every time. Or maybe just start inputting them on Tasks instead of reminders. You can add it to an existing list or create a new list. You can also choose to delete the reminders once imported to Tasks.

If you’ve enabled notifications on your mobile app, you’ll receive them when the task is due. If you haven’t marked it as completed just yet, you’ll get a second notification at 9AM the day after it was due. This update is now available to all G Suite users and are automatically turned on by default.

SOURCE: Google