Google Swiffy Beta is a tool used to help developers convert their Adobe Flash content to HTML5. When Adobe finally decided to pull out from the mobile scene, we all wondered how Flash updates (if any at all) would hit our devices. The ability to play Flash content on cutting edge mobile devices is important for a complete browsing experience, and at the rate Android OS is growing and evolving, Flash compatibility is a must.

The tool has been out for a while now, but just recently developers using Adobe Flash Professional will notice Google Swiffy has been added as an extension. This directly follows their decision to cease mobile support for a reason: they want developers to continue using the Flash developer environment. Could future versions of Android perform instantaneous Flash conversions with Swiffy?

This would completely eliminate the need for a dedicated Adobe Flash application all together. Flash is not yet available for Android 4.0, and who knows if it will be? HTML5 is the future, Adobe knows it, and this is their sign of embracing it.

[via InfoWorld]