There is little doubt that the Android platform has grown at a phenomenal pace. However, it seems that in Google‘s eyes, Android’s growth is much more than that. It is the only operating system in the world that has been adopted as quickly and as successfully, at least in a computing history written by Google.

That rather bold claim came from Google Senior Vice President Nikesh Arora, speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference. Arora said that it was almost unimaginable that Android would be adopted that fast, considering how many operating systems already going around the mobile world, with each manufacturer building their own walled gardens.

In truth, it is not that hard to see where Arora gets his confidence from. Android has practically been in the market for only seven years and yet it is already the top operating system in the mobile market. Considering how mobile devices are slowly eating into the PC and laptop pie, Android might soon be the top operating system, regardless of hardware form factor or device category.

Of course, as much as Google might want it that way, Android is hardly the only player in the game. To ignore the significance that the iPhone OS, later renamed iOS, played in history would be both delusional and prideful. That said, there is no denying that Android is king of the hill. As they say, the numbers speak for themselves.



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