Google Home Smart Speaker Free Voice Calls

You may have missed it but your Google Nest or Google Home displays and speakers have received another update. It seems Google is really serious in making these things even smarter. Google supported calling is now possible with your smart display or speaker. This means you can call anyone from your smart home device by simply using your voice. Well, that’s really how you make calls but initiating one can be done with a simple voice command. This makes your digital home living easier and more convenient than before.

This Google’s functionality for smart devices are now available in the US, Canada, and some parts of the UK. You can always check if other calling methods are available to you where you live.

Making phone calls on displays and speakers sounds like a very basic feature. It’s possible now as long as you have a linked account through mobile calling. Any calls made will be placed using your mobile plan, if you have previously linked an account. You will see the calls charged to your plan.

This sounds like an interesting change but unfortunately, those in the UK, Google supported calls on a speaker or display will no longer be available by mid-December. Video or audio calls may only be done using Duo.

The free video calls from smart speakers and displays in the United Kingdom will eventually be discontinued by Google. If you live in the UK and haven’t tried the feature, you can still take advantage of the feature until December.


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