Google Nexus will continue to live. That’s what we know could be true if we are to believe this Google Support app. Nothing is certain yet but Android Police claims that Google is working on a special app that would offer help for Nexus users. The idea is nothing new but the Nexus line getting it is something the Android community has been waiting for. Not that a Nexus phone is difficult to navigate but as with any other gadget, a reliable and quick support is always needed.

There’s already the Google Support documentation available online but it may take time to search and review. It’s more convenient if there’s quick access to topics and possible answers right on your device. No need to search online or switch to another app because answers are right there. What’s better is that you can ask for live support with a chat agent in real time. You can even share your mobile device screen so the agent on the other end can see what’s happening. This makes it easier for the agent to help you with your concern.

Google Support is believed to be for the Nexus, at least, for now. We’re still regarding this as a rumor until a more believable evidence comes along or until the tech giant makes the official announcement. Android Police shared a screenshot of a mockup–just a mockup, not the real app. We’re assuming it’s exclusive for the Nexus because offering such for all Android devices from different OEMs will be quite a challenge.

We have a feeling Google wants to advance the Nexus series. It’s about time the company gets serious with this line if they want to sell more Nexus phone in the future. Having a live support app will be beneficial for everyone–the consumers and Google. Nexus phone owners won’t have to wait for support that long because the app will help while Google won’t have to deal with massive complaints anymore.

VIA: Android Police