You can finally go to Mars for free. Well, sort of. It’s not really Mars and you’re not exactly going there, only virtually. Devon Island, the largest uninhabited island in the world, has been known as “Mars on Earth” because, based on its name, it’s the closest thing to the situation on Mars that we can find here in our planet. If you’re curious about what that looks like, you can now explore it to your heart’s content on Google Street View.

Devon Island is a “desolate landmass” that’s located in Canada’s Arctic. It’s not somewhere that people can just go and visit as the Google Street View team had to take seven flights and 72 hours just to get there. It is basically an untouched landscape and has a polar landscape all year round. Plus, you’ll have to bring everything with you (and take everything with you when you leave) as there is basically nothing there.

But it is these same factors that actually make the island interesting to scientists and those who like to learn about Mars. Google was actually invited by the Mars Institute through Chairman Dr. Pascal Lee to learn about the research that they’re doing there. The Street View team had to carefully prepare for their expedition and every day map out and plan in detail how they will be able to capture the entire island and share it with the whole world.

Of course, they used a Pixel 3 to capture their experience and it is actually the first documentary (at least officially) that used Google’s flagship device. They were able to not just capture the Street View shoot but also the difficulties and challenges of training for the Mars Mission on Devon Island.

You can now go and virtually explore Devon Island on Google Earth and imagine what it’s like to actually explore Mars which hopefully someday we’ll be able to do as well. At least, on Google Street View.

SOURCE: Google