You’ve probably at one time or another wondered what it would be like to have a worm’s eye view of miniature structures. However, unless you become like Antman or Atom, then that will probably never happen. But now, with the power of technology, you can actually do so to some extent. Google Street View is now offering you a chance to go small and go inside this wondrous creation called Miniatur Wunderland, and you don’t even need to go to Germany or step out of your house.

If you’re not familiar with what this place is, it’s a world-famous “park” with the world’s largest model railway. With 13,000 meters of track and over 200,000 tiny citizens, it really is a work of modern art and a tourist attraction in Hamburg. But now, you don’t need to go there first to experience it as you can just click on Google Street View to go around the “city” that has replicas of not just German provinces, but even famous American places as well. And what do you know, it even has a “fully functioning” miniature airport.

But of course instead of having the traditional Google Street View cameras, they had to build a much tinier device in order to catch all the “nooks and crannies” of the little world to make all of us go “aaawwww, so cute”. So the tiny device, created with their partner Ubilabs, cruised both the railways and the streets of the city, including the farmer’s market, the fire department, and even the Knuffigen’s airport. See football matches, ski slopes, Oktoberfest, and other events.

And if you feel like going outside of Germany, they also have Las Vegas, Mount Rushmore, a county fair, etc. You will get to see what visitors to the park won’t even see because of technology. So explore the Street View gallery and when you get to visit Miniatur Wunderland someday, you can get to say that you’ve had a different experience of it through the eyes of a worm, or rather a miniature car.

SOURCE: Google