Back in May Google teased us all with a few details stating they were taking their Street View and Trekker program to one of the most beautiful archipelagos on Earth. That being the Galapagos Islands. Where we can enjoy the Sea Lions, some of the largest tortoises in the world, and clear sky-blue waters. Today the project is complete, and below is the entire stunning journey.

These beautiful and isolated volcanic islands are off limits to the majority of the world, and somewhere we can all only dream of visiting. Well, now you don’t have to because sitting at home you can take a beautiful and stunning tour all across the entire landscape, as well as under water. This otherworldly part of nature is certainly one of its finest.

We can take virtual and audio guided tours on YouTube, as shown below, or feel free to wander aimlessly and enjoy the scenery all with Google Street View. The playful Sea Lions are my favorite but they also feature Tortoises, blue-footed booby birds, marine Iguanas, and the Frigatebird.

Out of everything, going underwater with Street View is by far the best part of the entire project. Google has continued to impress us with Street View and the Trekker program, and this is some of the best we’ve seen yet. From diving underwater, walking through lava fields and more. Google went on a 10-day journey of boating, diving, hiking, sightseeing and everything I’d like to do in order to get full 360 degrees images of the beautiful islands.

For more details be sure and head to Google’s Street View landing page with all the information, as well as the Galapagos Islands specifically which we’ve linked to below. Enjoy!

VIA: Galapagos Islands


  1. It’s a Blue Footed Booby. (Unless you are refering to Bobby who happens to be in his blue suedes. In which case, I would then be the boob.)
    Anyway… I like how the booby’s shake their feet at each other. There is nothing like a pair of booby’s hamming it up.


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