If you have a whole Google-powered audio and video ecosystem going on in your house, the next step would be to seamlessly move your music and your videos from one room to another. Google is now giving you that power with a new Steam transfer feature that would let you switch between smart speakers, smart displays, and Chromecast-connected TVs in your house. You will now be able to easily move music, videos, podcasts, and other media between all the compatible devices from room to room.

If you have multiple devices all around the house and you move around all throughout the day, then Stream Transfer will be a pretty useful feature for you. For example, you can say “Hey Google, move the music to the living room speaker” and whatever you’re listening to on Spotify in your kitchen’s smart speaker will then be streamed to whatever compatible device is listed as the “living room speaker” in your Google Home app.

Speaking of the app, you can also tap the cast button from the app on your smartphone or tablet and you will be able to see all the connected devices in your house. Choose whichever device or group you want to transfer your music or podcast to and it should be able to move there. If you have a Nest smart display and a Chromeecast-enabled TV, you can just tap the cast control or just say “Hey Google, play it on the living room TV”.

You will also be able to set up a speaker group if you have multiple speakers in your house. Use the Google Home app to create the group and afterward, you’ll be able to transfer from a single speaker to the speaker group in the room you’re moving to.

You can use Stream Transfer for several compatible apps including Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora. For videos, it looks like YouTube is the only compatible app. The feature is now rolling out for all compatible Chromecast-enabled devices, Google Home, and Nest smart speakers and displays.


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