Whenever a tech brand (or any brand for that matter) celebrates its birthday, people expect that they’ll give their fans or users a treat. Google Store is no exemption. To celebrate its first anniversary of selling smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets online, they are giving $50 off when you purchase any of the two newer Nexus devices, the Nexus 5X by LG and the Nexus 6P by Huawei. You also even get to enjoy the $50 discount when you buy a smartwatch together with your smartphone.

This birthday treat from Google Store is probably due to the fact that a new Nexus device is imminent this year, and so they need to get rid of all the “old” stock. But if you’re buying either of the two devices, you don’t really mind whatever the reasoning behind it is. The important thing is that you do get that $50 discount. And this discount is not only in the US but in the Canada Google Store as well.

Both devices were released in the second half of 2015 and as with other Nexus devices, they are the first to receive major Google updates while the rest of the world wait for months. That’s just one of the advantages of getting a Nexus. In fact, the latest Android N developer preview is already available for both devices, so you can already explore the upcoming update, while other Android devices don’t even have Marshmallow yet.

You will be able to avail of the $50 discount until March 27. The Nexus 5X will now only be $299 while the Nexus 6P’s lowest price is at $499. You can also get the Huawei Watch at $50 off when you buy the Nexus 6P.

SOURCE: Google