Google Store Videos

‘Made by Google’ is a brand that can’t be forgotten. It has the name Google all over which means there is Android integration. Google did some revamp of the hardware store as more product categories are now available. We can see the brands Pixel, Nest, Pixebook, and Stadia. With this change, the Google Store is also getting an update. You may see a new ‘Videos’ section. This area provides consumers information on how you can get the most out of these Google devices.

The Videos section includes ‘How-to Videos’ that are further grouped into three sections. View all the available Product introductions, Set-up & install, Tips & tricks. Interestingly, the links lead to one page only.

The special section provides information about a device or feature. Everything you need to know about Google’s new phone, smart device, gaming system, or Chromebook, you can check here. Feel free to filter by device type so you can easily find what you are looking for. Categories are as follows: Phones, Connectivity, Streaming, Speakers & Displays, Cameras, Safety & Security, Stadia, Thermostats, Laptops, and Accessories.

The product introduction videos are hosted on YouTube. Most of them are for currently sold products only. The ‘Setup & install’ section contains videos related to Nest smart home devices including Wifi and Protect and Thermostats.

Watch the ‘How to Switch to Pixelbook from Windows or Mac’ video if you need help with your Pixelbook. To know more ‘Tips & tricks’, check this section and learn about what’s new on Chromecast, Nest speakers, Pixel Buds, and Pixel Feature Drops.

There is no official announcement by Google but the page seems legit. It could just be an early leak. Let’s wait and see.