Part of Google’s task to protect its users is to provide protection for information and the way people consume web content even at home. This starts with the way Google protects your Google account, and it continues all the way up to the Google WiFi router that you use at home.

First up, Google is rolling out a revamped “Security Checkup” feature, which mainly pertains to how secure your Google account is online and the information stored within. When a user goes to the checkup site, a big security status awaits them – a green check mark icon means you’re good to go, and a yellow or red exclamation point icon means there’s at least one issue for you to take care of.

Chrome is also improved, with better protection from phishing sites that exist maliciously just to steal your passwords. The detection of these phishing sites have improved with Chrome’s “Safe Browsing” feature, giving you close to real-time protection when it thinks that you may have been tricked into entering details on a phishing site.

Lastly, Google WiFi now has Site Blocking features integrated into Google Home’s family controls. This allows parents to be a little less worried about their children’s internet access, to filter explicit content from Google Search results, and more importantly, block access to more than 8 million non-kid-friendly websites (with adult content) on any device in your home.

SOURCE: Google Blog, Google WiFi