When Google announced that users of the Search app will get a personalized News Feed on their devices, those who rely on digital means to get their news (and who doesn’t these days?) and who don’t use other apps to get their information, were pretty excited. And while the update has started rolling out, there’s still a bit of confusion as it looks like there are several side-server updates and so the feed looks different for a lot of people.

If you have tabs in your Google app, you might see a new Home button replacing your feed. But if it goes back to your feed, then it’s still not the new personalized feed and the change is just cosmetic. But since the home button is found in the announcement GIF, we can expect it to happen soon. Those who saw the Feed button on the upper right a few days ago will probably see the Home button replacing it, since it’s probably easier to understand anyway.

Even if you see the Home button or even the Follow button when you search for TV shows, movies, celebrities, etc, it doesn’t mean that what you have is the final version of the new feed. But if you do click on that button, you will get cards about the topic you followed. If the cards you receive have the topics at the top and the source at the bottom, then congratulations, because that’s the actual new feed.

It’s all pretty confusing at this point, as Google seems to be testing out several things before an official rollout of the personalized feed. Hopefully that will come sooner rather than later.

VIA: Android Police