Have you heard about the Android 6.0.1 update? Probably not. That’s because it probably hasn’t even made it to your devices yet. From what we hear, only a select few Android One devices have gotten the update. People with devices on Android Marshmallow will probably have to wait a bit before this small update reaches them.


From what we’re getting now, Android 6.0.1 does not seem to contain anything major in changes to the visual aspect and interface of Android. More than likely, this will contain bug fixes and stability tweaks for your devices.


As of the moment, only the Cherry Mobile G1 Android One device seems to have gotten the rollout. That means only a select few in the Philippines have the update. If you have a device running Android One, you might want to check out your update notifications.

This update will be small, also considering the relatively small number of devices that run Marshmallow stock. Maybe by the time most people actually move up to Android 6.0, this update will start being available for more people out there.

VIA: Android Beat