Cloud gaming with multi-platform support is the future and Stadia is quite aggressive in its approach to capitalize on the evolving ecosystem. Amidst the current stay-at-home orders, Google wants to reach as many customers as it can with Stadia. Not surprising then, they have made Stadia Pro cloud gaming service free to gamers in 14 countries without them having to buy any hardware bundles, which were earlier required. And is now introducing 5.1 surround sound and virtual keyboard to the gaming platform to facilitate gamers playing on the web.

Stadia users will get two months of free service – new, as well as existing users wouldn’t have to pay $9.99 for two months. After signing up, nine games including Grid, Destiny 2, GYLT and Spitlings will be available to play right away. After bringing 4K desktop streaming capability last month, now for web players, Google has rolled out a bundle of features to improve the overall gaming experience.

There’s 5.1 surround sound support on web which will benefit users who’ve connected the audio output to Hi-Fi equipment. Earlier, the feature was only available for TV streaming, and select tablets and phones. The option to have an on-screen keyboard when the gamepad is connected will make it easier to input a name or other vital statistics while in a leaned back seating position. Along with this, there is going to be notifications for mobile devices to show connection quality to check any gaming lag or data-related issues.

Before this to check the quality of the internet signal, a player had to manually open the Stadia menu. Not much has been elaborated about the updates by Google Stadia community that just released a short patch note for the update numbered 1.45. As and when more information is released, we will try and update it here, stay tuned.


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