Google has begun a 45-day FCC trial in an effort to become certified as a TV White Spaces Database Administrator. Basically, this means Google will be working to make more spectrum available. As part of this trial, Google has launched a Spectrum Database website that offers a look at everything from telling us what spectrum is, to talking about how it is restricted but also shared. In fact, Google’s database will allow people to share spectrum.

In this case, Google is working to make more spectrum available for broadband access. In a recent blog post, Google notes that as “more people go online and the number of wireless devices grows, so does the need for spectrum.” This database will serve to help find spectrum that can be used. The site will allow anyone to find out how much TV white spaces spectrum is available in any given location. It is aimed at what Google refers to as industry stakeholders — broadcasters, cable, wireless microphone users and licensed spectrum holders.

This trial has gone into effect as of today and will run through April 17, 2013. In addition to Google looking for certification, there are others also looking, one of which is Microsoft. In total there are ten companies listed with the others being Airity, Comsearch, Frequency Finder, KB Enterprises and LS Telecom, Key Bridge Global, NeuStar, Spectrum Bridge and Telcordia Technologies.

We obviously still have some time before we learn the outcome of this public trial, however Google has said that the “completion of the trial will bring us all one step closer to freeing up more spectrum.” As to what that means for the end user — the possibility of more available access.

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