It looks like those Googlers up in Mountain View have more than just Google Glass in the works. Today we’re seeing some evidence and patent filings that reveal some potential information about an upcoming Google smartwatch. The dive into wearable computing is about to take off full steam. More details on what makes this stand out is available after the break.

The newly discovered patent filed by Google has some interesting artwork (not what you see above) revealing the smartwatch, and it also mentions all the usual hardware. Things like a display, processor, wireless radios and a battery. It’s the other aspects that are interesting here. We’ve seen patents by Google of touch sensitive controls for the backs of smartphones, and they have a touchpad for controls on Google Glass. This is also coming to their watch.

If the watch is real, at least. The patent reveals that the sides of the digital clock and “watch” aspect has touch sensitive pads, and the actual wristband is also a fully functioning touchpad. This means you can input things like scrolling, selecting apps, zooming and more all with the touchpad wristband, and not the display.


That might seem backwards since we’re used to using touchscreens, but a small screen on your wrist has only so much room to share data and content. Why waste space with your fingers covering that small screen. Instead just a flick below the display and you’ll be sliding through Android menus. The idea is actually quite novel, and hopefully we learn more about Google’s potential smartwatch plans soon.

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