Google is truly going all-in on its Smart Displays as they reveal all the new things that are coming to the supported devices soon. This is because these devices are becoming even more useful to people who are working or studying from home, turning it into a visual entertainment and connectivity hub that connects you to the outside world during this pandemic. Google shares 10 new ways the latest and upcoming updates to the Smart Displays will build on the smart and visual capabilities of the devices.

You’ll get a “Your morning” page where you get reminders for your schedule or to-dos, weather information, and morning news, all the things you need to start your day (well, except coffee). It will also become “Your afternoon” and eventually “Your evening” throughout the day. The latter will give you options for relaxing sounds to help you get to sleep, whether it’s crickets, rainfall, or Google can recommend something to you as well. You can let it play all night or choose a sleep timer so it will fade out.

Your Smart Display will also now have a Media page where you can see suggestions by Google on what videos or shows you should watch from the various music and video platforms connected to your account, like Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, etc. The Communicate page meanwhile will have your Google Meet and Duo calls and soon Zoom will also be available there. If you have a Nest Hub Max, you will get auto-frame so wherever you move around, you will still be in the frame.

You will also get a Home Control page where you will be able to manage all the connected devices around your house. The Discover page will let you explore the other things that you can do with your Smart Display. You will also now be able to set up multiple accounts so you don’t need to constantly switch between your personal or work accounts when using Google Assistant.

Sunrise Alarm is an upcoming feature that will gradually increase the brightness of your screen 30 minutes before the alarm goes off to help you wake “naturally”. But if you prefer to keep things dark, Dark Mode is also now available for your Smart Display so it can be easier on the eyes, especially during night time. All of these new features will be coming soon, although some are already present and available.