It’s hard to get bored with all the content out there and all the things you can do both online and offline. But if you’re looking for a bit more downtime to relax or you find yourself wanting to take a break from all the TV show bingeing, there are also other things you can do on your Google Assistant-powered smart displays. You can play a game by yourself or with a loved one and now that we’re in peak holiday season, Google is adding more puzzles, word games, and even one where you take care of a virtual pet.

If you’re more into word games, there are several new games you can enjoy on your smart display. Google has added the fast-paced Horizontal Crosswords which brings fresh puzzles every day and Game of Words where you assemble as many words as you can from six letters. There’s also Voice Quest that brings fantasy-themed word games with spells and magic word puzzles. Power of Words is an adventure game but your weapons are words. Daily Word Wheel will also be coming soon to challenge you to solve crossword puzzles as you unscramble the letters.

If you’re more on the “challenging puzzles” kind of games, there are a couple for you to exercise your brain on. Daily Brain Trainer will test your memory, reaction times, and pattern matching skills and if you’re competitive enough, you can compare your results to others playing the puzzle game as well. Brainwash Puzzle will be coming soon to your smart displays. The game will show you a series of pictures and they flash through your monitor. You’ll have to quickly guess the common theme to advance to the next session.

If you want kids to try taking care of pets, at least the virtual ones, there are several things to try out. My Smart Pet gives them a virtual pet that they can talk to and it will understand you the more you talk to it. Hey Fish is for those who prefer their pets to be swimming in water, even if it’s virtual water. And for Hello Kitty fans, you’ll soon be able to keep her as a virtual pet. Families can also ask their smart displays to tell their kids a story like from those of the Nickelodeon show Shimmer & Shine or ABCmouse.

If you have a Google Assistant-powered smart display, you’ll see featured games in your Games lobby. You can also just have it pick a random game by saying “Hey Google, play a game”.