When smartwatches were first introduced to the market, most users wanted to have the coolest apps on their wrist that would make them seem like an awesome digital agent with superpowers. We’ve had apps that could control your entertainment system, lights, other appliances, etc. Now, you finally have an app that would make you seem like the coolest person in the room as you now can use your smartwatch to give your Google Slides presentation since the app is now available for Android Wear support.

In fact, Google Slides is actually now available as an Android Wear app that is why you will be able to control Chromecast or Hangout presentations from your wearable as well. If you already have Slides installed in your smartphone, all you need to do is update to the latest version and then a companion remote will automatically install on the smartwatch that you have paired with your device.

Whenever you launch a presentation from your phone or tablet, you get a notification on your smartwatch and when you tap it, it will open the app on your wrist. You will see a running timer to show you how long you’ve spent on the slide you’re on now. You’ll also see an orange bar and slide thumbnail previews to give you an idea how long you have to go to finish the entire presentation. You need to tap left to progress and tap right to go back. A green checkmark awaits you once you’ve finished the entire preservation.

You need to update your Google Slides in order to have access to the Android Wear version. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.