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If you don’t want to shell out $199 for the Samsung Gear VR or $350 for the Oculur Rift but still want to experience mobile virtual reality, then Google Cardboard is for you.

Google what?! Cardboard. Yes, the kind of paper material used for packaging, It’s also the kind that kids use to turn into all kinds of cardboard toys from cars to castles or puppet theaters. Cardboard can become anything and so Google thought of the Google Cardboard—a DIY cardboard VR headset that works with compatible apps. Google Cardboard brings virtual reality to the masses who won’t spend hundreds of dollars for the Gear VR or the Oculus Rift. All you need to do is follow instructions, fold, and you now have a VR headset.

Google Cardbaord is a simple viewer that makes virtual reality experience easy and affordable. Using it is as simple as launching an app. Google is still improving on the Cardboard since it was introduced back in June at the I/O Conference. A few hundred developers were able to receive units to hopefully, develop apps. As expected, its popularity just snowballed among the geeks. Now, Google is proud to show off the device with a special homepage on Google Play.

Google now means business. Google said that about 500,000 Cardboard units have already been released. We don’t know if all of them are developers or 3rd party suppliers though. We just know Google is getting more serious with the VR viewer. New updates have recently rolled out for makers, developers, and users.

For makers, Google has published new building specs with specific cutting tools in mind. Makers can now tailor viewing experience to the Cardboard’s unique optical layout for custom viewers. Google also mentioned that it will add to the Cardboard SDK a viewer calibration tool so a viewer’s base and focal length can be set.

For developers, Google has introduced the Cardboard SDKs for Android and Unity, hoping to improve side-by-side rendering, head tracking, and lens distortion correction. The SDKs can now make VR developments tasks easier. And for the users, there are more apps to enjoy. Google also brought the Cardboard to more retailers like I Am Cardboard, DODOcase, Knoxlabs, and Unofficial Cardboard so you can easily get your hands on a Google Cardboard.

google cardboard virtual reality apps

Download Google Cardboard app from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Google Developers Blog


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