Google’s Tilt Brush game is one of the pioneer virtual reality (VR) apps that the mothership has been playing around with. It was shown to the public in 2014 as a VR painting experience app that was both fun and simple. Google has added a few features here and there over the two years that the app has been around, but as more people jump into the VR bandwagon, Google is adding a new feature soon – multiplayer.

Google is showing off some videos and images of Tilt Brush’s new features, especially the new multiplayer feature where you and your friends – with VR headsets, of course – can work on your VR art masterpiece together, or just simply hang out in a VR environment together. Tilt Brush will soon allow multiple participants to contribute to an image or environment you might be working on.


There are also other cool new features like being able to draw your own avatar so that you can give your VR self an artistic look, a VR portal window where you can engage your VR headset’s front facing camera so you can see what the outside world looks like, and a 3D manikin import that you can play around with.


These features should be coming in the next update or two, so make sure you check for updates to the Tilt Brush app from time to time. And maybe it’s time to convince your friends to get VR headsets.

SOURCE: Google