Google really is serious with going into the hardware business. It recently launched the Jamboard yesterday and a few weeks after introducing the Pixel and Pixel phones. Now, Google wants the world to know how “awesome” the Pixel line is by posting two videos on how to get started on the device and another one on how to switch from the iPhone. It seems that tech giant is expecting more iPhone users to switch to the Google phone.

The first video Pixel Tips shows off the basic parts and features of the phone. There are two buttons on the side–the Power button and volume rocker. At the back of the phone is the main camera and the fingerprint scanner which you can use to unlock the device.

As with most Android versions, swipe down from the top to access Quick settings and adjust WiFi, Network, Battery, Status, Flashlight, Orientation, Bluetooth connection status, Airplane mode status, or Nearby devices. To get into deeper settings, just tap the Gear icon you will see on the top right.

Moving around the phone, you will see the Back, Home, and Overview buttons on the bottom of the screen. It doesn’t go away unlike in other Android phones as they are live on the screen all the time. To open Google Assistant, hold down the Home button. Click back to go back to the previous screen or return to a task. To see most recent apps, click Overview.

Apps can downloaded from Google Play. Meanwhile, those apps can be organized into ‘Folders’. Just move an app onto the top of another similar app to make a folder. Feel free to rename the folder for easier identification. Shortcuts can be made by doing a long press on an icon. Quick destinations will pop up and just choose one to make a shortcut by dragging a particular function to the home screen.


To transfer files from iOS to Pixel, boot up both devices, turn off all apps, and make sure battery on both are over 50%. Insert your new SIM card on the tray and follow the onscreen instructions.

To copy your data, make sure you are connected to a network and then plug the lightning cable into your iPhone. Connect cable to your Pixel using the Quick Switch Adapter you will see inside your Google Box. ‘Trust’ the new Pixel from your iPhone and then sign in to your Google account. Google will then scan and copy everything. When done scanning, choose what you want to copy (Calendar, Contacts, Email, Messages, Message attachments, Music, Photos & Videos). Copy. Wait for Pixel to finish.