How consumers will do their holiday shopping during this pandemic will be interesting to see. One thing is for sure, most of it will be done online. And so as early as now, brands are doing all they can to get their truly hard-earned money and consumers are canvassing like crazy trying to get the best deal. If you’re the type who does a lot of Googling before buying, Google Shopping in the U.S. is bringing several price and deal based features to help you along.

When you find out the price of a product you’ve been meaning to buy, sometimes you don’t have any basis on whether or not that’s a good price. Now you’ll be able to see if it’s high, low, or typical, as compared to other prices that Google has seen on the web as well as stores near you. You can find these price insights on the Shopping tab and when you look at the Shopping product page of whatever it is you’re looking for.

You will also be able to view various price and shipping options from the stores nearest you. You can compare online and in-store price options as well as the different methods of delivery that you can avail. Soon you can also see the curbside and in-store pickup options, in case you don’t feel like having stuff delivered to your home. These details can also be found on the Shopping product page.

If you think the current price of the product you’re looking for is still too high and you’re waiting for a better deal, you can now turn on price tracking from the product page and if the price drops, you’ll receive alerts. But to receive them, you need to be signed in to your Google account as you’ll be getting these notifications through your email or the Google Search app. You can see all the products you’re tracking on the My Activity section of your Google account.

All of these Google Shopping features are available in he U.S. only. With a lot of people already searching for “early deals” and brands getting ready to unleash their surprises, having these tools will definitely come in handy.