If you’re living somewhere in the Bay Area, your life may have just gotten a tad more convenient now that Google has publicly launched its Google Shopping Express service. Offering online shopping with same-day deliveries, the service is practically Google’s way of keeping Amazon and its similar offering away from its Mountain View territory.

Google started testing the online shopping system early this year and is now rolling out the service to the public, but for now limited only from San Francisco to San Jose. Users will be able to choose from a selection of goods from national, regional and local stores. Google has released quite an impressive list of partner retailers including American Eagle, Blue Bottle Coffee, Lucky, Office Depot, Photojojo, Staples, Target, Toys”R”Us, Walgreens, and have also added DODOcase, Guitar Center, Whole Foods Market, and many more. Shoppers will be able to avail of the same store price and can even make use of special store promotions even if they’re just shopping online.

Shopping online and getting it delivered on the same day is, of course, going to be useless if you’re not hope to receive the goods, and so Google Shopping Express lets users select their own delivery time when they’re sure to be home, starting from early morning up to 9 in the evening. Google has also released Android and iOS apps so users can take care of their errands even when they’re outside and simply wait for the delivery when they get home. The service is also accessible from a web browser in case you don’t have such a device.

Membership is free and those who sign up before the year ends will be eligible for six months worth of free unlimited same-day deliveries. To quote one app reviewer, “Laziness just got so much easier.”

Download: Google Shopping Express at Google Play Store
VIA: SlashGear