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The horizon of online shopping has truly expanded especially since the beginning of the pandemic. It is still not over but e-commerce continues to improve and become accessible to many people required to stay at home. Google wants to help in this area further by improving on the online shopping experience. When it comes to shopping online, it is more than just getting into a webstore, adding to cart, and checking out the items. It goes beyond actually anticipating and receiving a package. It starts with discovery and being inspired. Google wants to improve the experience by helping the consumers do more.

Online shopping happens when you get new ideas and see unique products while seeing the best value possible. You shop not only from the biggest brands but also from other retailers and local stores.

Google has worked on new features and improvements. Such can provide buyers more choices and make it easier for sellers to promote their products or services. For one, listing items on Google for merchants is now free especially on Shopify.

Browsing for products to buy or simply for inspiration is easy with new tools. It’s easier with visuals as made possible by Google Lens.

Searching for an item is easy with this feature. With Google Lens, any item or image on a page can be searchable.

Lens to Chrome is also available on the desktop. This means you can search using Lens right on your desktop and not just mobile. This makes “window shopping” easier because you don’t have to leave a website or tab.

When using the basic Search, Google will now show a visual feed of an item plus information, videos, style guides, or stores that may carry a product. Feel free to set filters if needed to narrow down the results.

Google has mentioned the existence of Shopping Graph which is a dataset of products, merchants, and inventory. Google said it has over 24 billion listings. You can use the “in-stock” filter to know if a shop currently has it in stock. This means you no longer have to waste your precious time asking or driving to the store.


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