We’ve long wondered if Google would ever consider a retail presence. On one hand, they’re a company of services, meant to support users with things like Maps and Gmail. Then they have branded equipment like the Nexus devices and Chromebook Pixel. Even the Chromecast is a very Google product, leading us to believe they’d at least try to get involved in retail.

As it turns out, Google is coming to retail — just not permanently. This winter, Google will open up a series of “Winter Wonderlabs” meant to show off their items, as well as what Google services can do for you. While the scope if what is going on with these stores isn’t yet known, they’ll pop up in major cities across the USA.

From the mock-up in the video below, these pop-up show seem to be focussed on handhelds like the Nexus devices. We also know there will be Chromebooks on display, but which ones? There was no space noted for Glass, which we’d think would have a huge appeal in retail. The Winter Wonderland website also notes you can order devices from the shop, but doesn’t mention if you can take them home or not.

There will also be a snow globe set up in the shops, and we noticed one curious thing on the website. Under the “experience” section of the site, there is a log-in section on the top right. It asks for a “snow pass id” to see your video. We wonder if the snow globe is going to take video of people frolicking and whatever it is people do in snow globes.