The holidays will be a lot happier for Project Fi subscribers as Google has put up a vending machine at the San Jose International Airport. The Projecet Fi team has just announced over Twitter that those subscribers traveling throuch SJC can check out and take advantage of the Project Fi Travel Trolley.

Special goodies are available and that’s what flying with Fi is all about. If you see the new Project Fi vending machine at the airport, check it out and get some free stuff.

We’re not sure how many Project Fi subscribers are there but this is one interesting marketing strategy exclusive for them. Most of the goodies can be used for travel like socks, charging cables, and sleep masks. Only one item can be availed per 24 hours. We’re assuming Project Fi users won’t abuse the vendo and just get one.

To get a code to use on the vendo, simply dial *#*#FLYWITHFI#*#* (*#*#359948434#*#*) on your Project Fi-connected smartphone. A QR code will then be sent to you. The vending machine scanner will have to read the code so you can get the free gift.

The Project Fi vending machine is currently located right across Gate 25 at the San Jose International Airport. If you’re travelling through SJC, check it our and get the free goodies.

SOURCE: Project Fi