More often than not, you probably find what you’re searching for when you use Google Search. That’s one of the reasons why Googling has been synonymous with searching for something on the Internet. But there are also times when it seems that the results they give you are not what you’re looking for. They’re bringing a small change when that happens as they will now say or admit that they were not able to find “great matches” for your search.

It seems like a strange new feature to add but Google wants to tell you straight up that you won’t find the results from your search because they couldn’t find any “great matches” to what you were looking for. There are still results underneath that notification and you’re still free to go through them if you think you might find something significant. But if you see that at the top of the page, it’s a signal that they went all U2 and “that we probably haven’t found what you’re looking for”.

The feature will also make some suggestions on alternate searches that you can make. Well, they say “whenever possible” only. There are also tips on how you can change your search query which might yield more fruitful results. For example, it says you might try to use words that may appear on the page. Instead of searching for “how to make cake”, you simply just look for “cake recipes”.

Google has tried to prevent not being able to give you what you’re looking for. If you spell something wrong or if the system thinks you spelled something wrong, it gives you spelling predictions to help match the words you’re looking for. They’re also trying to improve the underlying language understanding systems so they’re still able to understand the words and concepts even if the user didn’t phrase it clearly.

This new “feature” is now rolling out in the U.S. They’re hoping of course that it won’t show up for users very often. No news yet when it will roll out globally.