If you think Google can’t improve search any further, you’re wrong. The search giant definitely will continue to work on the search engine as it’s the main product that helped it get into its place right now. The company has been working on a new project called Accelerated Mobile Pages that aims to improve mobile web performance. Google aims to bring faster mobile sites with this effort.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is expected to help the consumers and publishers. As the mobile industry continues to expand and change, a lot of people still get impatient with slow-loading sites. Mobile internet connection still isn’t reliable in some countries so the idea is for Google to make AMP pages.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages hopes to improve the performance of the mobile web by creating lightweight web pages. Obviously, the lighter the web page, the faster it will load.

Google has been experimenting on AMP pages, checking how fast they load. Soon enough, these pages will be available on Google Search results by next year. In February, Google will start indexing AMP pages. The tech giant is encouraging more web developers and publishers to create AMP versions of their sites and pages to be included in the demo and testing.

Fast and optimized content is what Google Search wants now. AMP pages will definitely be a big step to making mobile web faster. This is something that should be supported by web publishers because really, the world needs lighter pages so loading will be faster. There’s no need for heavy, animated websites and pages now.

SOURCE: Inside Search Blog