The Google app has recently received another important update that will benefit those who like to explore and discover what’s new in a particular area or city. Sure, you can easily do a Google search but results may not be optimized all the time. With the update, you can simply search for the more popular spots to eat, drink, and be merry. Read some of the reviews first before you go out to eat and party.

Google really knows how to optimize results because when you search for a new restaurant, the top-rated ones will show up. Those part of best-of lists from top websites will also pop up in the results. Done with your lunch or dinner? Search for where you can have your dessert. You might see new spots earlier reviewed on Zagat, Serious Eats, and Eater.

Even before you grab a meal or dessert, feel free to explore a new place by checking out top tourist spots or activities happening while you’re there. Visit new stores, museums, or some of the most famous destinations with the city. All those “must see” spots and restaurants to try can now be easily discovered with the most recent Google search update.

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SOURCE: Google