Google has been trying to help its users evaluate the information that they are getting from the search results in the ongoing fight against misinformation. Previously they introduced a feature called “About this Result” which gives details about the websites found in the search results to help you decide whether to click on it or not. Now they’re adding “new and important” insights in this section to help you make more informed decisions when searching for important things like COVID vaccine information or travel restrictions on a certain place.

When you tap the three dots on the search results, you will now see more information about the source or the page. Previously you could see what Wikipedia says about it if available but now you can also see what the site says about itself, but also when it’s available on the website. This information also includes when the website first came online which should help people judge how reliable the website is especially for important information.

To help you better evaluate the site, you’ll also see what others have written about it whether it’s news, reviews, and other background content. This is important to determine the website’s reputation from other sources and not just what they’re saying about themselves. If you want to learn more about the topic, you will now see things like top news coverage and other search results from other sources.

Google also has other tools to help users understand the context of the results that you get, if that’s something you’re interested in. You can see fact checks from “independent, authoritative sources” in the Search, News, and Google Images section. And when there isn’t enough “helpful or relevant” information available just yet, especially in evolving events, Google will also let you know when you’re searching for it.

The updated “About This Result” feature isn’t available yet but it will be rolling out in the next few weeks in English for those in the U.S. They are working on bringing this to more countries as well but no time period was mentioned.


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