Sometimes when you’re searching for something on Google, you probably wished that it could better understand what you were looking for even if you didn’t explicitly typed it out. Or you might actually get scared if it started doing that. Either way, it seems like we’re getting improved search results as Google is now using better language-understanding capabilities and will rely on your most recent searches to get better context on your new searches. This will bring an easier-to-use experience for those who want to use search to also look for something they didn’t think they might be looking for.

Previously, Google didn’t actually use your previous searches for context and instead would give you “the most common interpretation” of your search terms and give you results that may not really be all that relevant to what you’re looking for. But now they’re using their language-understanding capabilities to be able to give more context to your current search based on your recent searches. You’ll get a section at the top of your search results page with the heading “suggested based on your recent activity” .

Google will also be able to identify what it thinks you’re searching for when you’re searching for a particular topic. For example, if you’re searching for family-friendly entertainment. You’re looking through titles like A Christmas Story and Google will be able to suggest similar movies for you to browse until you come up with the perfect pick or list. The list of similar movies will be at the top of your search list to make it easier for you to browse through their suggested items.

There is also some improvements in the “People also ask” list as they will be bringing “more relevant questions” to bring you more contextual results to your search. This improvement allows Google to bring you more relevant follow-up questions rather than just a random hodge podge of questions that may not actually be connected to what you’re searching for.

While Google is arguablyy still the most popular search engine, they still need to bring improved search services of course to keep users engaged and at the same time actually help them find what they’re looking for. The improved search results are now available for users on both mobile and web.