Google has just announced 24 more apps that have joined the roster of Android apps that appear in Google Search results. Now users will be able to immediately jump into the appropriate app when searching for content that may already be stored in an installed app.

Google unveiled in-app searching last December, showing how users can go from a web search to a related app in just a single step, provided the app is already installed. In some cases, there will be even options to download an app, should an app of that exact name exist in Google Play Store.

This feature doesn’t happen by magic though. App developers have to add this by enabling app indexing in their app, basically giving Google links to content inside the app. Once such an app has been installed, it might take a few days before search results begin showing links to open the app right within the Google Search app.

When in-app searches launched, it was limited to only a few third-party apps like IMDb and Wikipedia. Now Google is expanding the scope with 24 more, including 500px, AOL, BigOven, Bleacher Report,, Eventbrite, Glassdoor, Goodreads, Huffington Post, Merriam-Webster, Pinterest,, Seeking Alpha, TalkAndroid, TheFreeDictionary, The Journal, TripAdvisor, Tumblr, Urbanspoon, Wattpad, YP, Zagat, Zappos and Zillow. Google is also working to get more and more app developers to include the feature in their apps, which can be used as extra exposure and presence for the apps.

SOURCE: Google