Google has rolled out the latest improvement for Search on Android. Beginning today you’ll be able to search and filter down results dealing with restaurants and hotels. The process begins with a simple command such as “show me some restaurants in downtown Austin.”

Naturally, you’ll be able to swap out restaurants for hotels. Anyway, once you have the results for Austin (or the city of your choosing) you can then filter those down. The filters include price, ratings, cuisine, and more. You can also have the results show only the places that are currently open.

Taking things a step even further and you can finish off by calling the business. Simply say “OK Google, call (name)” and you are one step closer to having your question answered or your reservation booked. The one catch with all this — Google said this is currently only for those in the US.

While disappointing for those outside the US, this seems to often be the case with new features. While we have yet to see when, Google did ask those outside the US to “stay tuned” which suggests this new functionality will be coming in the not to distant future.

SOURCE: +Google