Google Search has begun listing the air times of TV shows in search results. When searching for a show, IMDB info, as well as show air times and a list of past episodes, will show on the right side of the screen.

Each show is hyperlinked to give further details, and pulls up a simple Google search on the show title. You’ll also be able to access info on actors the same way, with the full cast as well as related shows being listed.

You can also ask that Google remind you of upcoming episodes, so you don’t miss a thing. The reminders will pop up in Google Now, though the confirmation when selecting “Remind Me” doesn’t offer a way to edit notifications.

For those of us who are wary to miss an episode of our favorite show, the reminder function could prove handy. If the show has a Google+ profile, you’ll have the option to follow them. Currently, not all shows we searched for are listed, but that’s probably an issue with networks not reporting the info.

VIA: Lifehacker