Google has just put out a rather silent update to the Google Search Android app and, hence, Google Now functionality. Building up on a feature added last year, Google Search now offers a card that will try to remind you about the details of your most recent car rental reservation.

August last year, Google gave travelers and adventurers a new set of tools via Google Now cards. Among these was a card that offered suggestions and details about nearby car rental services. This latest new feature takes users to the next logical step after making a reservation: remembering when, where, and what.

If you ask Google Search, whether by typing or by voice, “when is my rental car reservation”, it will bring up a card that contains various pieces of information like the name of the company, the type of car that was reserved, and so on and so forth. It’s a pretty handy query to have at hand when you need to quickly dig out information about that car you should be picking up soon.

The feature doesn’t work like magic though. It seems to only be able to get such information if the car rental service sent you those bits via your Gmail account. It also only works on the Google Search mobile app, so no luck for those asking via a browser. And finally, it would perhaps be extremely convenient if reminders were automatically added as, well, Google Search/Google Now reminders. Right now, you have actually make an explicit query to know, which might take a few more steps than simply browsing through your reminders directly. It’s a lazy feature, admittedly, but definitely a nice thing to have.

SOURCE: @Google
VIA: SlashGear