It used to be that when we searched for something on Google, it would take us a few clicks to get to either the book you wanted to read, the movie you wanted to watch or the music you wanted to listen to. But it seems that now they know that people’s attention spans have gotten even shorter so now everything has to be easy access or can be played right then and there. Google Search is the latest to do so, at least for US residents for now.

Under the updated Google Search, when you look for a musical artist, you not just get the usual results showing their official website, social networks and Wikipedia page. Now you also see a “Listen on your apps” option that will link you to any of your installed music player apps like Google Play Music, TuneIn radio or even YouTube. Just tap your player of choice and the wrist’s songs and page will open and you can play them from there.

The only thing is that it is only available in the US region for now. But given how digital music has blown up in the other regions of the world, it’s only a matter of time until they expand this option to other areas. They only have to make sure that there are certain security measures in play, as the illegal sharing of media, particularly music, is a huge concern in the industry.

There is no need to download or update Google Search to have this new feature working. You just need to use Google to search for a particular artist and if you live in the US, then that option is now available for you. Non-US residents will have to settle for a few more clicks before hey will be able tp listen to their favourite musical artists.

SOURCE: Google


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