If you’re a bit bored with your life and yet you don’t want to invest your time in things like reading books or playing “serious” games, Google wants to give you some simple time busters and you don’t have to install anything except Google Search. You will be able to play classic games like solitaire and tic tac toe, all from within the Google Search app if you’re on mobile, and if you’re on your desktop, you can play straight from the Google page.

This is probably part of Google’s plan to make search more interesting, as they have been introducing various new features over the past few months. These two classic games are pretty standard for anyone who’s ever been bored, even way before the advent of phones and the Internet. If it’s solo card games you’re after, then just search for solitaire, and the game will automatically show up on your screen. No fancy schmancy things here, just the game in its simplicity. You can choose an easy or difficult level, depending on your patience with this game probably.

If you want something even simpler, search for tic tac toe, and just like with solitaire, the game will appear and you can choose your difficulty level as well, from easy, medium, to impossible. And since this is not a solitary game, you can even play against a friend, although you’d have to use the same device to do so. There is a scoreboard in case you want to, well, keep score.


If you didn’t know it yet, you could also do other fun things on Search, like asking Google about different animal sounds and it will actually play back some sounds for you, or if you need to flip a coin and you don’t have an actual coin, just search for “flip a coin” and it will, well flip a coin for you. No need to update anything, all of these are already available on Google Search.

SOURCE: Google