When you want to learn about something or someone, you don’t just read articles or look at pictures or watch YouTube videos anymore. One popular source of information and entertainment now are podcasts. So now Google Search is making it easier for you to search for and discover new podcasts about any topic under the sun. Even better, it will now show you playable episodes in the search results so if you need to listen to a little preview of it, you can do so right there.

When you type search queries like “podcast about self-care” or “Pasta recipes podcast”, you’ll see a whole carousel of podcast results which will be found together with the web pages, news, images, etc. The podcast results will be based on Google’s understanding of what the podcast or podcast episode is all about so content creators will need to tag or label them or the transcript will provide the needed information for the “crawlers”. There are currently more than two million podcasts out there so the library is pretty extensive.

Later on, Google says you won’t need to add the word podcast when you search since the carousel will be part of the results automatically. They will also be adding the functionality to Google Assistant and Google Podcasts for web. The former will suggest relevant episodes for you when you say, “Hey Google, play a podcast about Albert Einstein.” As for the latter, you will be able to search for shows and episodes and play them from where you’re searching for.

Another tool they’ll be bringing soon, this time for the podcasters themselves, is the ability to specify where they can listen to the podcasts, such as other apps or websites where you’ll have to purchase or subscribe. While of course Google would like for you to use Google Podcasts to do so, they would also have to open up the search results to their competitors, lest they be accused of skewing the results to their favor.

The new podcast features are available in Google Search in the U.S right now and for English results only. Hopefully they’ll roll it out to other territories and to other languages as well eventually.