It happens to the best of us. You’ve “OK Google’d” your smartphone (or smartwatch), you’ve asked the search app to look for the best wine places around your area, but it then gives you a list of the best wing places (we hope it meant chicken wings). Usually, you’d just start a new search and “Ok Google” yourself all over again. With the new app update, you don’t need to do that anymore and instead just tell your search app “No, I said wine” (adding doofus if you’re frustrated, but that would lead you to a whole different place though.)

The Google Search update, slowly being rolled out, allows you to correct those misheard search words, especially when it is still trying to adjust to your speech and voice. You usually experience a lot of funny and frustrating search results during the first few times that you use the voice search for Google (and even makes you question if you actually have good a good speaking voice or diction). By using the “no, I said ________” mode to correct the search, you may actually receive what you’re asking for.

Google has been trying to improve their search services, especially for mobile, as most people with smartphones constantly want to ask questions from Google. Just last month, their newest update allows you to use the “Ok google” hotword not just on the search app itself, but from anywhere on your phone, even from your lock screen. It also added audio history on the app so that it would give more accurate results, based on your past voice searches and the cadence of your voice as well. Creepy, but if you’re not too concerned with Google remembering your past voice searches, kind of effective.

Don’t panic yet if Google still doesn’t understand your “no, I said _____” corrections. The new feature is still not available in some regions and will be slowly rolled out, just like with the previous update last month that is still just making its way to some users.

SOURCE: Google