Sometimes when you’re browsing on the World Wide Web, you will come across stuff that you tell yourself “I should watch that”. But unless you write those things down on your journal or on your Notes, you’ll eventually forget. Google wants to help you remember and get back to those things with a new basic but useful feature on your Google Search mobile app. When you search for movies or TV shows, you now have the option to add it to a Watchlist.

There is so much media content out there that you need something accessible and convenient to save them somewhere. You don’t need to add another app on your device but if you already have Google Search, then this built-in Watchlist feature can come in handy. The content’s Knowledge Panel will have a new card underneath the trailers and photos, asking you if you Watched It or if you should add it to the Watchlist bookmark icon. If you check the first, then it will just change to Watched.

But if you click on the bookmark icon, it will be saved to your Watchlist. 9 to 5 Google says this is also connected to the bookmarking feature across various Google apps like Search, Maps, and the web. Watchlist now becomes part of the various Collections on your Google account which includes Favorite pages, Favorite Images, Favorite Places, Want to go, and other ones you may have created yourself when using Google Search.

The Watchlist collection will show you cover art for the movies and TV shows that you add. On the Search Results page, you’ll also be able to see an “Also on your watchlist” carousel and clicking View All will generate a search or open the section in the Google app. And if you want to, you can actually share your watchlist. The release date of the content will also be shown underneath the posters in the latter view.

The Watchlist feature seems to be rolling out to a lot of users already, although as with a lot of Google things, it seems to be a server-side switch. One thing they have to add later on though is you cannot seem to view all the things you mark as Watched, which can also be useful for those who compile things like these.