Google has detailed the latest search related update. This one deals with the “My Answers” portion of search and basically means you will be able to ask questions about additional topics. Some of these will likely be familiar to Google Now users, but with that in mind, moving forward My Answers will be able to support flight, reservation, purchase, plan and image related questions.

This update will be rolling out to US based Google users over the next “several” days and will be available by way of the desktop, tablet or smartphone. Basically, firing up Google you will soon be able to ask questions such as “Is my flight on time?” Keeping in mind the answers will likely vary depending on the situation, that particular question could return results based on your upcoming flight plans or the real-time status of a current flight.

Other goodies here include asking for “my reservations” or “my hotel” which will offer details such as your upcoming dinner plans or the location of your hotel. Of course, extending this out a bit and this also means easy access (with one-tap) to get directions. Purchase related questions will be able to provide tracking details and plan related questions will bring details based on your upcoming schedule.

The photos portion is a bit more interesting. This will allow the user to ask to see photos from a particular place. Google uses the example of asking to “show me my photos from Thailand.” In this case, that would allow you to see any images that you uploaded to Google+ from Thailand. Additionally, the photos portion also allows for more general questions such as for images of sunsets. Real-world usage may vary here, but Google has said they will “try to automatically recognize the type of photo you’re asking for.”

As for those worried about privacy, Google has said these details are all stored securely and only visible when you are signed into Google. Those wishing to turn this off will be able to do so by heading into the settings and turning things off for an individual session or on a permanent basis.

SOURCE: Official Google Blog