By this point of the looming presidential elections, you are either so annoyed with all the politicking and debates and other election-related stuff, or you’re so into it because you want to make an informed decision come the primaries and then the elections. You can actually be both too. But either way, Google wants to help you keep up to date with all the goings on in both the Republican and the Democrat primaries, as well as the policies and statements from various candidates.

One of the most important things for voters is to find out where candidates stand on issues that they care about. Starting today, when you search for someone like Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton, you’ll see their statements and stands on things like national security, immigration, etc right on the search results. You will also be able to see direct quotes from them, if they ever did say something from aggregated news sources.

Google also now helps you keep track of the various primaries to see how your candidate is doing state-by-state. When you type in “primary results”, you’ll be able to see both live results as well as an updated tally on how many delegates each candidate has already received. You’ll be able to see results in both English and Spanish.

And finally, probably the most important thing you need is a reminder of when the actual voting will take place. In Google Now, you’ll be able to receive cards that will remind you to vote in your local primaries. It will also tell you which candidates won the contest, as well las all the latest election news. It is also available in both English and Spanish.

SOURCE: Google