Google desktop search location

Sending directions from a Google desktop search to an Android phone is now made easier. Before digital maps and traffic apps, I would just rely on my email for reading the directions I listed down or simply look on a screenshot of a Google Maps page. That seems so last decade ago but apps make life more convenient. But then you don’t always have the time to save or check your maps. Other maps require Internet access or GPS. What if you can’t find a decent connection and you really need to be some place? Google has finally allowed Android phones to receive directions from a computer.

Even before you leave home or the office, make sure the directions are already viewable on your phone.No need to download any special app for this function. While on a Google desktop search, just type “send directions” and then click enter. You will be taken to a page the current location of phone and then type your destination or place you need to be at.

Google will then find the location on the map, click on the ‘send directions to phone’ button you see, and your computer will then send directions to your Android phone.

On your smartphone, just open the Google Maps app and you’re good to go. Make sure that you are logged into your Google accounts on both desktop and mobile device. You will receive the directions on your  phone and then you can be on your way. No more need for GPS or some navigation apps to access because Google will help you.

SOURCE: Google