Not a lot of people use Google+, but there are people who have made a home there – tech entrepreneurs, developers, and even photographers who built thriving communities in Google’s not-so-successful social media platform. But the mothership is giving you one more reason to consider Google+ – it might save you bandwidth through machine learning.

This new technology is called RAISR (Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution), and it basically does two things – first, Google+ now with RAISR enabled requests just 25% of the pixels in a high resolution image, saving you valuable bandwidth. Secondly, RAISR uses your machine to restore the image’s detail to super quality.

As per Google’s studies, they’ve been able to save up to 75% less bandwidth per image they’ve applied RAISR technology to. And if you’re the type who needs to view high resolution images on the go, this could mean a lot of savings to your monthly data cap, and even just the savings in the time you need to download a picture.

Google says that the roll out for RAISR technology is now being done mostly to high-resolution images – around 1 billion images per week, “reducing users’ total bandwidth by about a third.” Google is planning to use the technology to other stuff in the coming weeks, so the time and data savings can be on a larger scale.

SOURCE: Google