Google is reportedly testing a ‘smart’ thermostat, with the aim of having it connected to the Internet. By having a connected thermostat, Google thinks that we’ll be able to better control our energy consumption, and make the power grid in our area more efficient. The project, known as ‘EnergySense’, is being seeded in St. Louis, MO.

If this sounds like the popular offering from Nest, the connected home wunderkind company, it is. The difference is that it adds depth by tackling broader usage issues. Google isn’t quite set on making a full-fledged go of this, as they’re expected to work with hardware partner in the manufacturing of the devices, but the search giant remains interested in knowing all about power consumption nonetheless. It’s also not known if this is a consumer product, or a larger project aimed at enterprise.

It’s not the first time Google has been interested in how much power we’re using, either. In 2011, a program was shuttered at Google named PowerMeter. That project was designed to raise awareness of our power consumption, and was shut down because it just didn’t take off as they’d hoped. That was a different time for both Google and consumers, though.

Two years later, and the program resurrects itself as an ‘Internet of Things’ project. The connected home is one we’re keenly interested in, but not one we’re quite ready for. Devices like Nest’s offerings sell well, but have yet to make a home in our homes on a grand scale.

Source: The Information

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