Google Safe Browsing has been with us on Chrome for desktops and laptops for a while now. It’s that big red warning that you get when you’re browsing into a potentially bad site – which probably includes a lot of malicious stuff like viruses, trojans, and phishing scams. Now Google is officially announcing the launching of Google Safe Browsing for Android mobile platforms.

You would think this would be one of those features of the Chrome browser that Google would immediately implement on Android, especially with the raft of vulnerabilities in Android recently discovered. But it’s not that straightforward, when you think about it. As Google put it, “Data size matters a lot.” For most people around the Globe, an additional step in between tapping on a link and actually browsing the site would cost data, time, and effectively, money.


Also, Google would have to make sure that the list of bad sites are up-to-date always, so that the protection becomes relevant. Otherwise, it is of no use. Now it looks like Google has done all of these – and Google Safe Browsing is now integrated in Google Play Services version 8.1. The first app to integrate it is, logically, Chrome for Android, available now starting version 46 onward.

Just make sure your Google Play Services and Chrome app are updated, and you can be sure the service is now running on your phone. Happy safe browsing!

SOURCE: Google