Google Nest WiFi

WiFi technology has significantly improved over the years but it’s not the same all over the world. Developing countries still have slow connection that some people say connecting to 4G LTE may be even faster. Google, specifically the Google Nest team, wants to help solve such a problem. The dream to give WiFi anywhere a boost may be a challenge but it’s possible. It must be done as there is a great demand to improve connectivity and communication especially in this time of the pandemic.

Nest Wifi and Google Wifi will be enhanced with the latest software update from Google. It brings overall network performance on internet connections that are slow. With the improvement, WiFi can offer better gaming sessions or support multiple video calls. More tasks can also be done simultaneously once the WiFi connection is upgraded.

The software update brings improvements to general security and stability. It can improve the connection speeds of the device on available wireless networks. The update also allows mobile devices to move to faster, available Wi-Fi radio channels. This also includes the priority device feature that knows which device to prioritize and give the strongest connection to.

Google gave some tips on how to improve the WiFi connection. It recommended barriers are removed when TV is always buffering. You can also reboot the router and run a speed test.

You can always contact your Internet Service Provider. Learn how much speed you need for doing those regular Internet tasks. You can also choose to upgrade your router and consider setting up a mesh network.


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