If you’ve stubbornly refused to give up on Google+ and refuse to still go on Facebook or some other more popular social network, it may sometimes feel a little lonely over there on your stream. But just like you, Google seems to be sticking with it, despite the response being a bit tepid the past few years. They continue to update the app and service every once in a while, and the latest one aims to make your home stream a little less lonely with the new Topics feature.

Okay while it hasn’t met Snapchat levels of popularity, there are still people who are pretty passionate about using Google+. With the new Topics feature, you might just discover more of these people. You’ll be able to see a “high quality stream” of Collections, Communities, and people who have an interest in the topic that you will search or click on.

Once you’ve updated your Google+ app and open it, you’ll see a new block or cards listing topics that you can explore. As you can expect, there are a lot of topics out there like Photography, Art, Travel, etc and you can discover new (well new for you probably) communities or individuals that you can interact with or draw inspiration from.

The new feature is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Topics will be rolling out in the next few days so just check if it’s available for your account or Android app. Let’s see if Google is still serious about Google+ and whether it will ever experience a “resurgence”.

SOURCE: Google


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